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What is Infant Parent and Early Childhood Mental Health Services (IPEMH)?

Vision Statement

That all young Jamaican children thrive and have the best developmental outcomes in a society dedicated to ensuring that they reach their fullest potential.

Mission Statement

To develop and promote best practices in infant mental health through; training, education, and therapeutic services for young children in collaboration with families, professionals and communities that influence the lives of young children in Jamaica.


Infant Mental Health best practice refers to the promotion of optimal development and well-being of young children 0-6 years and their families, the prevention of difficulties and intervention when young children are at risk or have identified problems.

The goal of infant mental health services is to ensure optimal child outcomes in terms of a sense of security and self-esteem, the ability to form satisfying relationships, to learn, cope & engage with the world, to solve problems, and continue positive development throughout life.

Smiling Baby - Infant Parent & Early Childhood Mental Services Jamaica

Infant Parent and Early Childhood Mental Health Services (IPEMH)

Infant Parent & Early Childhood Mental Health Services (IPEMH) services are to provide a hierarchy of early intervention through Infant Mental Health Promotion, Preventative Intervention and Direct Intervention.

Therapeutic Services are specifically for young children, parents/caregivers, and professionals that focus on:

  • Strengthening Parent –Child Relationships

  • Social and Emotional Development of Children 0-6 years

  • Multidisciplinary approach to Screening and Assessments

  • Protective Factors to strengthen better Child Development Outcomes

  • Therapeutic Parenting and Child Therapy Services

  • Evidence Based Programs

  • Building Parent Capacities in Early Mental Health

  • Infant Mental Health Promotion and Best Practices

Parents & baby - Smiling Baby - Infant Parent & Early Childhood Mental Services Jamaica
Mother and baby - Smiling Baby - Infant Parent & Early Childhood Mental Services Jamaica
Mother & baby - Smiling Baby - Infant Parent & Early Childhood Mental Services Jamaica

Who's Behind IPEMH?

Selena Dyke - Owner, Smiling Baby - Infant Parent & Early Childhood Mental Services Jamaica

Selena Dyke is a Licensed and Canadian Trained Child Therapist with 22 years’ experience counselling children and families in Canada and the Caribbean. She is a qualified Parent Educator, and Infant Mental Health Specialist. ­­

Selena is passionate about the social and emotional development of young children and understands that this area is a critical foundation in child development along with the capacity for empathy and prosocial behaviour.

Counselling sessions with Selena emphasizes a combination of play therapy and social skills that address behavioural, emotional challenges and build resilience. Selena is trained by the Canadian Association of Play Therapy in; Direct Play Therapy and In-Direct Play Therapy. She has specializations in: Sandtray, Storytelling in a Play Therapy Setting, Puppetry, Trauma Interventions in Play Therapy, Developmental Trauma, Attachment Theory and Play Therapy, Treating Disruptive Behaviours in Play Therapy, and Assessment and Treatment in Play Therapy.

In addition to play therapy Selena also uses an integrated approach with children with mental health challenges by partnering with professionals in the field and parents to offer in-depth assessments and to deliver treatment. She also holds certifications in; TF-CBT and Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports, Life Skills Coaching, Systematic Training for Effective Parenting for Children Under Six. Selena is also a trained Darkness to Light Child
Sexual Abuse Prevention Facilitator and a Consultant for the Parents’ Toolshop. She also is a certified facilitator for evidence based early intervention programs; Circle of Security Parenting, It Takes Two To Talk, Kids Have Stress Too! and Making the Connection Parenting Program.

In 2014 Selena was approached by her Alma Mater York University, and the Department of Psychiatry at the Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto to do post graduate work in Infant Mental Health. Selena instantly knew that IMH was the key to mental health prevention for young children 0-3 years and their parents. Selena has also completed further post graduate work in IMH from the University of British Columbia. Selena uses an integrated approach to
assessment and treatment along with a model of prevention to address risk and promote protective factors.

Selena skilled at engaging parents and families of young children who need supports to help strengthen their capacity to parent positively. Selena understands that parents have complex needs and she is one of the few qualified in counselling techniques, interventions, and parenting strategies to help parents; strengthen their sense of competence, increase their knowledge, and ensure better developmental and mental health outcomes for their

Selena has worked as Learning Strategist Specialist and Child Youth Counsellor for the Toronto District School Board, Guidance Counsellor and Head of Department for Hillel Academy, Kingston Jamaica, Program Coordinator National Parenting Program, Ministry of Health Cayman Islands and has written a training manual for at-risk adolescent youth in consultation and sponsorship with USAID and Family Health International (FHI). Selena has also hosted a parenting and child development radio shows in the Cayman Islands and on Roots FM, Mustard Seed Community, Jamaica.

She has also consulted and trained for Positive Intervention Now, Cayman Islands, Positive Behaviour Supports Digicel Foundation, Parenting Partners, Jamaica, Spanish Jamaica Foundation, National Bakery Foundation, Jamaica and has delivered workshops to early educators on classroom management, PBS and Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Years.


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